Almost fabulous...

From this... to this!

I can't tell you how long this last week has been. Nor can I tell you how excruciatingly painful having the stitches removed was. I'm not actually sure what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn't prepared for the levels of pain and discomfort that I've experienced over the last 8 days. I really hope that it never comes back. I'm not leaving the house without factor 50 slapped all over my face ever again!!

The nurse wouldn't let me out of the surgery this morning before I'd taken some painkillers. Bless her, she was lovely and I think just felt a bit sorry for me. I explained the trauma of no painkillers and she suggested a different combination and so far so good, no vomit or nausea. She did say that surgery round the nose area is incredibly painful but she was very impressed with the scar, I showed her the photo of the wound cause obviously everyone should see the gore and she was amazed that they've done such a good job given the size of the hole. I'm impressed too, it's healing nicely and will surely fade away to nothing pretty quickly but it still hurts and still wakes me up at 4am every night. I can't bear the weight of my glasses yet but at least the fuzzy vision has gone, almost immediately the stitches were out and after I'd stopped crying the tight feeling has subsided. I went home for a Mum hug afterwards.

I shall be glad to get back to some sort of normality. Thank you muchly for all your support, the flowers, the cards, the messages and everything else you've done to keep me cheery. I'd have been lost without my family and friends this last week. x

22 sleeps!!

I can start packing now right?!

Oh... and I used the little Lumix for this... good job I thought! Shame it can't make my grey roots disappear or hide the freckles!!

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