A morning visit back home.

We’ve popped up to our house to have lunch with the family.
At present they are out “trying out” a small community church fairly near us, called the Ark.
Once they have finally completed their move, they are looking for a church they can possibly walk to from their home.
In Bristol they went to a Community Church on a housing estate not far from them.
I’ve managed to look around the garden, which always settles me.
The roses are still flowering and the grass is growing like mad, but I love it.
Great to see all the things the children have been making and busying themselves doing in the past two days.
We are going back to our refuge mid afternoon.
I still need to pace myself yet.
Easing back in bit by bit.
I took the photo at the back of the garden near the shed.
The light was catching the pampas grass which grows near the summerhouse.
It’s generally a bit warmer today, with a blustery wind in the intermittent sunshine bursts as the clouds rush across the sky.

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