By MerrilHope


I was reminded today of Bliplesson 101, never leave taking your daily photo until the anticipated evening event because you'll either forget or miss it. Hey ho. Knowing that I was going out to eat tonight with Graham and Kat, first time for simply ages, I assumed my pic would be the Akbuk sunset so didn't take any photos today. Then we missed the sunset. So I've made a collage of the screen shots taken whilst watching the streaming of Mozart's Magic Flute from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden last night, although strictly speaking, only the finale was taken today, just ten minutes after midnight. It was, needless to say, magnificent, but gave me a sleepless night as I kept singing all the arias over and over in my head. 

It was a morning of online tutoring, an afternoon of virtually nothing other than a short 20 minute walk with Gece, before going to the supermarket on our way to the Garden restaurant on Akbuk waterfront for dinner.

Look what ROH uploaded on FB today:

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