By JeanSnaps

Wing drying.

Bright sunshine this morning but no shower. It had ceased to work.  Had a bath and decided an electrician would have to wait till I came back from Galloway.  My knee was having a massive strop from howking out ivy.  Heaven knows why but, whatever I do, it seizes the opportunity to up the pain level.  Had breakfast on the sofa with a heat pad then washed clothes, dusted downstairs and set Roomba in action. Then I retired to the sofa with another heat pad and bought myself some nice cheerful face masks to have a good supply for my holiday.  Remembered I needed milk so a quick trip to the Pillars.  All the time the sun shone and about three I decided no more chores.  I was going photographing but not far.  I want my petrol to last till Thursday so I can drive off on Friday with a full tank.  Opted for Dysart and arrived in the harbour car park just as God or the Devil began to hurl bucketfuls of water from the sky.  Maybe it was a Norse or Greek god. It was just the sort of thing they would have enjoyed.  Sat for ages thinking the car might float away. Fifty shades of grey cloud were all around.  Eventually a glimmer of light appeared in the west.  It slowly brightened.  The noise of the rain abated. I could just about see out the windscreen. A boat was motoring along from the east.  Opened the car door to find rain still bouncing fiercely into a little lake surrounding my car.  Nevertheless I got out and started shooting(see extra).  The rain eased some more and the westerly breeze meant my lens stayed dry if I pointed it east.  So I did and there were the cormorants on their favourite rocks. Optimistically drying their wings.  My luck was in after all. I hirpled along as quick as I could.  Then a rainbow appeared(see extra).  I couldn't believe it.  The sun came out from behind the cloud. Too good to be true.  And it was.  Raindrops were falling on my head and I hirpled top speed back to the car.   Drove home happy till the computer froze while I was processing my haul.   Aaaaargh !  However I switched it off then on again and all was well.  Phew !  How I wish there was some wine in the house.

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