Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

La Francaise

I had a very short night last night, four hours, I think, so it wasn't easy getting ready to leave home before 7. Thankfully, we sorted out the Salik tag on the new car yesterday, so we zipped up the highway.

I went to The Mall, laptop in hand, not expecting anything to be open before 8 am. To my delight, this new French cafe was ready to welcome new customers. I was the only person there, so they were happy to have me. I took advantage of the quiet and shot some pictures on both my phone and camera. I then ordered a cappuccino and almond croissant!

Come 9 am, I was able to call a local business to make a booking to get the tint on the car changed. To my surprise, they were free right away, so I went! Because there is an existing film to be removed, it takes three hours, so I organised a taxi for G. SO pleased this big job is done. The car came with 50% tinting, which was awful in the night. It is now down to 30% and looks and feels much better. I was also able to get an estimate for the major jobs we were informed the car needs. It's not as bad as Khalid was implying yesterday.

Home for the rest of the day. We had a super session with our Life Group, talking about anger and its dangers.

PS. I haven't died and gone to heaven Paris! ;))))

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