By PicturePoems

A bevy of boys

Birds descended en masse into our back garden this morning. I think we have the rain to thank for filling up the pond. It's a definite attraction for bathing and drinking. It's some years since a blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) visited us, so I was thrilled to catch this one on camera (after taking two shots of 'where the blackcap was a second ago')! My Extra shows a chaffinch, blackbird, and two more shots of the blackcap, one of him pecking at the Hypericum berries. 

Early afternoon, with the sun shining, I suddenly decided I was going for a walk, never mind what unfinished jobs I left behind. Mr PP was only too happy to join me. We ended up joining up two of our regular routes to make a long walk that clocked up 98 active minutes on my FitBit (which means it was probably a little longer than that). My FB is now showing nearly 14,000 steps achieved today - my best for months - and will certainly be over 14K by bedtime. Very satisfying! 

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