My fabulous father-in-law died on Valentines Day, 2004. Miss him all the time and there's always something that reminds me of him every single day.
Today it was the word 'Lugaborious'. I'm sure he invented it but I've just looked it up and it is a proper word. I've put the explanation at the bottom.
He also used to mispronounce words, on purpose, such as Technical. He'd make the 'ch' part more of a gutteral 'Sssch' rather than 'K'. There are many more but the point is what I was doing today was Lugaborious.
While Marlane was painting the trellis fence, with 'Ducksback' (see extras, there's quite a bit of it) I was scraping out the green slate chippings, spreading them out and picking out the Cotswold stone chippings. The idea being we'll be putting the green slate ones back in after the fences are done 15 October.
We also did some clearing out at the back, cutting out the dead spikes of bamboo, cutting back some bushes with the plan to make another path around them. The children love running around the paths in the back part of the garden, which is why the lights were in such a state of course!
Marlane has also had the great idea of having the existing path done in the same resin gravel as the patio. Great idea, not cheap but it will make life a lot easier in the future.

looking or sounding sad and dismal.
"his face looked even more lugubrious than usual"
mournful · gloomy · sad · unhappy · doleful · Eeyorish · glum · melancholy · melancholic · woeful · miserable · woebegone · forlorn · despondent · dejected · depressed · long-faced · sombre · solemn · serious · sorrowful · morose · dour · 

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