The second half of life..

By twigs

Brave soul

It may be spring but it's certainly not warm.  On my drive home from the chiropractor I spied a couple of kitesurfers further along the beach so I took a detour around there to see them.  To say I was surprised to see the massive changes that the beach has undergone would be an least 15m of dunes have simply disappeared leaving sandy 'cliffs' along the way.  A dog-walker I spoke to told me that further round, parts of the old carpark from "20 or 30 years ago" is emerging from under piles of sand.  Such is the ever-changing nature of Tahunanui Beach.  Not that these changes have happened recently.  According to another guy I met along the way (a council parks worker), these changes have been gradually developing over the past year or so.  II might have to start walking on the beach more often than I obviously have been so I can see how things develop.  Anyway, I did eventually track this kitesurfer down to take a few action shots of him clearly loving being out on the water.  

This evening I received an email to say that the Kaimanawa range tour I was booked to join in November has been postponed until January.  It's all COVID related and whilst I'm not surprised (I was maybe even half expecting it) I am disappointed.  Time to rethink the holiday plans.

In other COVID news, there were 29 new cases today, 24 in Auckland and 5 in Waikato.  The growing number in Waikato has forced large parts of the area back into Level 3.  I can only imagine there are a lot of highly peeved people in the Waikato now.  The Waikato outbreak appears to have been triggered by a person who crossed the Waikato border into Auckland, and returned with the virus.  My [suspicious] mind immediately leaps to the KFC case.......  How many others have been deliberately defying the 'stay-at-home' orders because rules don't apply to them?  I feel another rant coming on........time to quit.

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