Flower Friday - Looks Like a Flower

But its actually a succulent ; )

Have been to the Dr today who took one look at the blackish fat sausage formerly known as my little finger and sent me straight away for an X-ray!
I have a fracture with a displacement and it most likely needs surgery ugh!
I’m hoping to get in to see the surgeon asap and he will then decide how to proceed!  The doctor tried 2 surgeons and they were all booked out but the third one possibly can squeeze me in!!  For the moment my not so pinkie pinkie is strapped to the finger next to it and it still hurts a lot ; (
I guess its fortunate that its my left hand although I’m finding out now how much I use my left hand now that I cant use it much  - a lot actually!!

Typing isnt that easy and I’ve taken some pain meds in the hope that I’ll get some sleep tonight.  Off to bed early again, catch up soon dear friends ; )x

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