By Ingeborg

Dotted copies

A shot of the pink ribbon orchids plant I bought this week for Flower Friday, with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting this delightful and flowery challenge every Friday.

I'm so annoyed, angry and sad today though. It's a very modern problem but such a nuisance ! Somebody yesterday has made an Instagram account using my name and following my followers only. There's no profile picture nor any photo but when people then start following back they will be contacted by this person pretending to be me via chat messages. And I'm guessing they're not doing so because they're longing to have contacts, there is probably some con activity connected to this. I do have one and only one Instagram account on which I post nature macros and close-ups. I hardly ever use the chat messages on Instagram. When one of my friends here and there messaged me to tell me about the imposter I immediately reported this new account to Instagram, telling them in their limited report form that somebody was impersonating me. I got a standard message back saying they were very busy, didn't have time to review, but couldn't see any breach of their rules on that other account so far. Their rules certainly say that you can not impersonate somebody else !!  I've spent most of the day telling people on Instagram and Facebook about this impersonation. Just keeping my fingers crossed that my followers are streetwise enough not to get conned ! Many friends have reacted and also reported the account but it's still there ! And there is no way whatsoever to contact Instagram with more information :-(

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