By Dakers

The Rabbits Foot Fern

Otherwise known as Davallia Fejeensis.

Pat was given this plant nearly 40 years ago and about six months ago it suffered badly from too much sunlight. Of course, it should not been in direct sunlight.

No matter I moved it to a more suitable spot, and started the process of restoring it from the dead. It has survived and is now flourishing with new leaves sprouting all over.

Progress is such that it will be divided and split up in the spring.
It is pictured in the Blipfoto.

Donald H is coming to lunch. We have not seen each other for six weeks and it is a time for catch up over a fine meal.

Donald had been diagnosed with a heart condition and he has complied with every request his doctor had made.

Weight has been lost and alcohol forsworn. The change is remarkable.

Of course, we cover old times, talk about the present and the future. Good times.

Who gave us the Davallia Fejeensis nearly 40 years ago.

None other than Donald H’s sister in law.

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