By dogwithnobrain

So we can start over again

Last year I signed up to a "sample" company - never heard anything from them, as you do  but then a couple of months ago I received a text saying a box was on its way.   

All very exciting - but then comes the reviewing and self-promotion.   I don't post that often on Social Media so people must think that I have gone off my head, or getting paid.    Not true.  I just have this inbuild obligation to do what I need to do .  They've sent me free stuff I have to try it and then tell them what I think. 

And ANOTHER one arrived this week. 

I'm actually quite excited by this one.  I love Caramel waffles, and these ones are quite lovely, but as it turns out - this is the only photo I took today.  :

Sorry - Not trying to sell them to you. 

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