By Ingeborg


A double exposure of these Evergreen spindle seeds, which are at least a month early, I think !
The continuing saga of the fake account in my name on Instagram has reached another low. Summary: Somebody has used my name (on Instagram) to make an Instagram account last Thursday and then started to follow people who follow me. There is no profile photo nor any other photo on this account. Some of my followers then started to follow this new account, prompted by Instagram and thinking that I had started a second account. Some of them then got Direct Messages from this person pretending to be me and asking them for money !! My friend Diane warned me this was happening and I immediately reported it to Instagram and started to warn people any way I could. Instagram only has very limited forms to fill in to report abuse or misuse. And what I guess are robots are answering the reports. Despite my report and the reports of several friends they decided nothing was wrong. This morning I finally discovered there is another way to try contact them, another more elaborate form, but you have to send in a picture of yourself holding a visible and legible ID. Driver's license was one of the accepted IDs. Not something I like to do but I thought in this case it would be necessary, although it feels kind of weird to have to ID yourself when you're reporting misuse. And there was a box to write an explanation, which obviously I did.The reply was almost instantaneous , came within a minute (so hardly taken serious, just another robot reply):
We can’t give you access to this account or continue with your request because we haven’t received an acceptable ID that matches the information listed on the account.

There is no other way to reach them, you can't call them, message, mail or tweet message them :-(  It's so very frustrating ! And this can happen to anyone on Instagram, they don't need to hack your account, all they need is your name and anyone can see the list of followers of anyone else on Instagram on a public account. I'm so angry ! Enough !

So from copycat con persons to double or multi exposure, I thought that would be a good optional theme for next Thursday's Abstract Thursday. The tag will be AT329. Thanks so much for a great collection of entries, here's the list of 5 specials:
Maureen6002    intergalactic web
Yorkshirebred    starry pillow pattern
RHelena              floating flowers
craftylady           swirling scarves
Incredibish         seasonal shiftshaping

Thanks again for all the entries and for your support, comments and stars !

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