By dunkyc

Resigned / New Starter

We had a shock resignation at work today.

A director who had been there a long time - and who I had just assumed would be a “lifer” - is getting out of the insurance game and moving on to pastures new. Jammy b*st*rd.

It’s been a funny old week in that regard, I can’t help but feel that I’m in the eye of a storm at present! There’s a couple of potentially lucrative deals which are swirling around, but there’s not quite enough in them to become anything tangible….yet. In the event that we are fortunate enough to land them, I am sure that the usual thing will happen and everything will come in at exactly the same time!!

Took The Eldest for a look around and signed her up to a gym today, I’m not sure if she quite understands how this fitness/weight loss stuff (her choice) works as we had a Chinese for tea. I’m intrigued to see how long she’ll last at this latest new venture.

Felt a bit restless this evening, so took myself off for a stroll against the backdrop of the parish church bells ringing. I don’t mind the nights drawing in so much, particularly when it gives you a chance to play with the iPhone’s low light capabilities. 

Hump day completed.

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