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This has not been My Kind of Day. Actually, that's not altogether true, as you'll see if you bear with me, but retrospectively NMKOD wins. It began early, because it was Thursday. I hate the way this new iron rut has established itself in my life, so that I never feel able just to wander down to the supermarket at any time I need something, but there it is and I don't really feel like changing right now. So I was out just after 8am and home again for breakfast an hour later. I had time to linger over breakfast while Himself put the messages away, but then had to scamper to wash up and make coffee before a Zoom PreachMeet - the online version of the highly enjoyable discussions that were established when we began having unqualified lay people preaching at the Eucharist. There were four of us today - two laity (me and my pal Di) and two priests - discussing the lectionary for a week on Sunday, when I am preaching on Bartimaeus, the blind man healed by Jesus. I've already mentioned how I wrote one sermon, then delivered another to the rowan trees in Glen Massan the other day; now a third version exists and my brain feels it's had some exercise.

That, however, is all that was exercised this day. The rain came on mid-morning and was quietly persistent all afternoon until it was far too late to go out and Himself's thoughts were turning to dinner. I read for a bit, then turned my attention back to the computer, finally doing some Italian - those dratted future conditional verbs ...

Blipping the view out of my window as I was dressing this morning. The lights on the far side just left of centre are at the Western Ferries terminal at McInroy's Point, and a container ship is slipping quietly up the Firth towards Greenock. I've just been hanging out of the back window trying - and failing - to take a good photo of the dramatic moon with a very bright something - Venus? - in attendance, but I'm not particularly pleased with the results. It's become quite dramatically cold with the shift in the wind to the north.  

There's a massive spider in the bath ...

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