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By knit1girl1

Gonzo to scale

Thanks for the get well messages yesterday.
I've felt better today, but still rashy and still not up to full power.
Gonzo and I walked up the hill to see what snow was left. Quite a bit as you can see from this blip. The snow had drifted right off the hill and got caught in the hedges, engulfing some. There were a lot of sheep and lambs in the field so they seem to be ok.
I was a good girl and got some research done for college today. It's really interesting and I think in getting there with what I want to focus on.
It was grandparents afternoon at school and my parents went along. They were really proud of thom and said that all the children were great. Thom then had his judo grading which he's passed.
Then this evening it was parents night. His teacher is really happy with how he's doing and he's managing fine with all his class work. We're really proud of him and can't believe how well his work is coming on.
Feet are now well and truly up as I'm knackered. Last day if school tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the holidays.

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