By Grammy

The Forest is Calling our Name

Sunny and moderate all day. Up early as we were both excited about the new camper. We left home at 8:00 am and dropped off our camper right at the scheduled 10:00 appointment. We got an in-depth overview of all the camper’s features (it has some really nice ones), finished the paperwork and were on our way by 11:30 am. There was a Red Robin nearby so we were able to get rid of one gift card. But, lunch was actually free because we found $34 in the parking lot and there was no one else out there. Christmas shopping is in full force here; there was a pile of packages at the door waiting for me. I did a few house tasks and Hubby had some Knight’s business when we got home. I think I am feeling a few effects from my flu shot - mostly tired and a nagging headache so Blanche and I are on the couch. We’ll probably just have pie and ice cream for dinner since our lunch sandwiches were large. Thanks for dropping by with your nice comments on Abi’s birthday pic. Stay safe. “Everyone needs a happy place where all their stress just melts away. Well, I found mine inside a camper on a campsite.” - unknown

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