Foggy start to the day. This is the sub-station that transmits the power to our area. It is at the one end of Parmele Road.

I went by the sub-station on my way to go pick up my brother this morning when he came into town with his rig. Because of the fog he was a little late rolling in but he soon had the rig parked and his stuff loaded in my car so I could drive him home.

I took a detour to the grocery store so he could go in and get some things he needed before I dropped him off.

Sandy was gracious enough in return for me picking him up, he gave me the blue canvas cover I had made for him a while back. Oh, yes there was a reason he gave it to me; it needed patches put on it and he wanted a sleeve sewn around the bottom and a nylon cord inserted so he could draw it tight closed in future.

Patching one of the holes was a trick on the machine as it was on a corner seam. Then even with a safety pin to guide the cord through the sleeve, it was a nightmare. It was 12:10am when I finished and I actually have a couple of finishing touches to do still.

Take care of yourself and each other xx

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