By Hillyblips


Orlov says, 'If you too.... want holiday in the sun... comparethemarket not the Meerkat.com.'

Up early to take daughter on a 2 hour drive to Southampton Uni. for 15min. tutorial!!
On the way home we past signs for Marwell Zoological Park near Winchester and had a great couple of hours doing a bit of Mum and daughter bonding. Top of embarrassing moments was me singing, because she didn't remember it, 'Skippy the bush kangaroo!' I think we laughed none stop for the entire time we were there.

This has to be THE photograph of the day for me because Tam loved him! Can't say I blame Orlov for getting under the infrared lamp - with all my layers on today you couldn't but envy him in the sun! Keeping warm on watch - how to keep warm - simples!

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