While on my runs

By waipushrink

Awaiting sunrise

The wading birds are attuned to the tides as well as the sunrise and sunset. I am certainly not aware of the tides, and have to look up the tide chart, not quite daily. However, my body seems to respond to the cycles of light and dark; I'm ready for sleep not very long after the end of the evening twilight, and I wake during morning twilight.

Fortunate that I did so this morning as today's blip is of the sky to the east over Kawau Island. No other photos today.

The morning S and I prepared for our first time with any of our family since early August; eight and a half weeks. A happy time together, and a great Sunday lunch from S. They have now returned to Auckland.

I feel really proud of our eldest grandson, who (a couple of days ago) confided to his mother that a number of his friends have talked to him about their beliefs about the dangers of covid vaccines, and other reasons for not getting vaccinated. He told her that he knew they wouldn't be argued around so he listened and gave them things to read and answered their questions and quite a number of them have since had their first shot. So mature for a 17 year old.

New Zealand administered 130,000 doses yesterday in Super Saturday. And what was really positive was that the vaccines were taken to the suburbs where people have real difficulty getting to a central place, and those people have been able to accept vaccination.

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