Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

St Cross

I managed to get to St Cross before the rain started (I came back on the bus).  Our lovely warmth and blue skies were going yesterday and have finally disappeared for good today.  It will be wet most of the week - always a trial for a blipper!

This shot was taken in the medieval ambulatory that leads from what was the Master's quarters to the church.  It meant he could get there dryshod.  The poor old men who lived on the other side of the quad had to chance it in the rain.  Apart from the subtle colours, I don't know why I took this particular image or what the significance of the settle is - I just liked it.  It was immediately outside the sidedoor to the church's east end.  For once the door between the two was open.

Nothing else of note to tell you today, so I'll just wish you a good evening and a happy start to Tuesday  xx

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