Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The last great feast

Ivy - Hedera helix

Being interested in the structure, I've been wanting to blip one of these ivy flowerheads for ages and thought I might have missed my chance to catch them at an early stage before the berries develop.  However, there are still masses out by the bus stop where the flies, bees, wasps and red admiral butterflies are still going mad for the nectar.  Their last great feast of the year!  The only problem is that the flowers are very high up and against the light so it's quite hard to catch hold of a goody - and not get stung!

So this is my blip of the day.  I had gone into town this morning to try and blip Winchester's annual 'Mass Cycle', only to discover that was yesterday!  So this also had the benefit of being easy to collect, set up and shoot.

Hopefully I've caught up on my back commenting for yesterday.  Growl at me if I've left you out.  And have a good Sunday evening/Monday morning  xx

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