Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Me and my shadow

I forgot to say about yesterday that I saw dragonflies whizzing about at Lakeside.  No shots because they were in an inaccessible bit of the park, but it led me to decide on another visit to Clausentum Fen today to see if they were still around there too.  And of course they were!

I also saw two butterflies, slightly to my surprise: a speckled wood dancing down the path infront of me and a brimstone.  I had high hopes the brimstone would land on the nearest buddleia flowers, but it seemed to prefer rather distant bramble leaves.  Do you know, for all the mega quantities of buddleia that grows around here, I have not seen one butterfly feeding from them all summer - a thing unheard of!

Anyway, today: I sat for an hour watching the hawkers going backwards and forwards, though I didn't get any decent shots, so here is a Common Darter sitting on one of the wooden bridges across the stream.  He got a bit grumpy about me disturbing him ;))

Okay, that's me.  Many thanks for osting today's TT, JDO,  And I hope you have had/are having a good day  xx

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