The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

The Hobbit House pelargoniums

Are they even real? I snapped them on the way past because the day was so dreich, and these were so bright.

I've been working all day today, even after I got home from work. Let's hope I get rich soon. I've got tomorrow afternoon off. Thank goodness for that! I suspect I'll be mainlining hot chocolate with almond milk by 2pm.

I was accused by my sister K of 'tidying up our mother's greetings cards' and therefore making it impossible to find a sympathy card.

Anyone who has seen our mother's filing system might wonder how it is possible to find anything, ever. This is not a recent development, either, dating back at least 40 years! I stuck to my guns and said I'd only sorted the Christmas cards in August, which is the truth, I believe. I remember thinking at the time that I could not look at the rest, so I threw out some old copies of the Guardian weekly instead. Tonight I ended up saying I'd send two sympathy cards because I had to post her something, anyway. I'm absolutely sure this mysterious lack of cards has nothing to do with me. Greetings cards is my business. I've only stopped supplying my mother on a regular basis because she already has far too many, and doesn't know where they are.

Bedtime now. Good night.

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