By Ingleman

Trivial Pursuit

Today has been a grind. Gary has continued with the skilled bit (brick laying) and I have been doing the labouring bit. By which I mean moving large quantities of sand and gravel from A to B. Why, I am not entirely sure, I just think he does it for the fun of it. Three tons of sand and gravel. Two tons of it is at the top of the picture, one ton at the bottom. I ache from here to across the road.

The extension is going to be a shower room (and utility)      
I wanted a bath big enough for a dolphin but Gary said it would not be fit for porpoise.

I want to have posh marble floors. He said it is very expensive and shouldn't be taken for granite! 

Tomorrow is a big day as we hope to lay the base for the floor, more barrowing, mixing and pouring concrete. It's getting harder by the minute. 

The picture shows my drive. This is where the classic car will be parked on a nice day. No wonder we don't want it here, just yet. All good things come to those who wait, my mum used to say. 

We'll see. 

Thank you to everyone who has dropped by with stars and hearts and positive comment recently. It's so kind of you to take the time. 

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