By JeanSnaps


A  rather grisly photo but I couldn't resist. It summed up the coming of winter so well. The dying leaves and the insects lying tired out on a leaf and slipping away.  Their bodies look like cast off clothes. Perhaps they are buzzing round in an insect paradise where it is always summer.  The rain stayed off in the morning and Andy cleaned the car. I tidied away the last of the holiday debris and in the afternoon he came for coffee.  I got a card and birthday chocolates.  He got Galloway chocolates and we both had lemon drizzle cake,  Lots of chat about the charity shop Andy helps to manage. It's much more complicated than you would think.  The usual grumbles about Westminster but it's good to let of steam.  Still problems with some items not available in supermarkets but it's not that many and the petrol stations are managing pretty well.  Hardly moved from the sofa all day which was good for my knee. It's still not back to the normal pain level but tomorrow can be another sofa day.  Finished reading Val McDermid's 1979 and began Pat Barker's The silence of the girls.  I bought it ages ago but kept putting off reading it.

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