By JeanSnaps

The ivy feeder.

A damp, drizzly day not conducive to going anywhere which suits me fine. Lots of unpacking to do.  Most of the day was spent washing bedding, towels and holiday clothes.  A grocery order done to be delivered on Monday. Remembered to buy birthday treats.  I think it will be next weekend before I get myself back on the straight and narrow.  Much to my surprise I am only a pound heavier after all the goodies and ice cream I ate. Found the ivy was flowering and quite a few insects were feeding on it.  Honey bees, wasps, robber flies and this bee fly.  I don't see them very often.  Many of them looked tired. Hardly able to fly. Phoned Andy to see if anything had happened about my lens adaptor but it had never appeared.  Checked my bank account and no money has been taken which is something at least. I'll phone the camera shop on Monday.  Andy's coming for coffee tomorrow so I will catch up on what's been happening locally. Tuesday and Wednesday I'm meeting friends. It will be lovely to see them and I will enjoy myself then over the weekend I shall have a period of solitude to recharge.  Lots of photo processing to do too and there are books waiting never mind getting my shower fixed and contacting a blind company.  In the meantime the sofa calls.

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