Amberley Museum

We spent the day at the marvellous Amberley Museum before leaving West Sussex for home about 6.00pm this evening.

I’ve known about this place for decades. Today was the first opportunity to call in. And well worth the visit. The museum used to be known as Amberley Chalk Pits owing to the site being a major producer of lime from the adjacent chalk quarries.

That function still features in the museum but it is also packed with a huge selection of heritage buildings, vintage transport, engineering and crafts. We didn’t quite see all of the site in the 6 hours we were there.

There were so many highlights, so many times we pointed out stuff from our childhood from the iron mongers to the print works, stationary engines, garage, bus depot and so on.

Our favourite was the Woodland area where bodgers were using polelathes to turn wood along with other rural crafts (which I did at school) making stuff out of green wood.

A narrow gauge railway ran the length of the side and there was a vintage bus too.

Today’s blips show a wood turner making an acorn cord end watched by an entranced little lad. The extra is of the blacksmith’s workshop where tongs were being forged.

Thank you for recent hearts, stars and comments over the last few days. I haven’t been spending quite as much time visiting journals as I usually do

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