An early start, before breakfast, to take the Skoda for some major work: the 5 year cam belt change and MOT. The rear sensor had to be replaced and I was having Apple CarPlay installed. I needed a lie down in a dark room after hearing the total cost. Good job I’d been saving for it.

We walked in Mote Park after returning and breakfast. Susan spotted this grasshopper in the grass and leaf litter. Blip bagged, although it was a close run thing with the extra, the result of yesterday evening’s torrential rain.

We called in on Doreen this afternoon. She’s really settled well and is enjoying the company, food and activities.

I went for the longest run for months, proof that the long term knee injury is up to the punishment of pounding hard services.

Great landmark for Blipfoto today as it’s 17 years since Joe Tree started the site. I was interested to learn there are dozens of people who were there at the start and have continually blipped since then. And that over 5.5 million photos have been blipped.

Thanks to Joe and thanks to those who have supported the site since and those who have kept Blipfoto going in recent years. We all know what Blipfoto means to us. It is the most friendly, excellent site on the web. Long may we continue. What a great bunch of people you all are.

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