Not Quite Burrell

Today the sun has appeared. Clear sky and sunshine. Sitting behind glass it is really quite warm, however outside it is another matter, still hovering a few degrees above freezing. Still this is an improvement, it is nice to see a blue sky for a change.

I had to stay in some of the day for a phone call. I did have time to nip out briefly for lunch at Dobbies. Steak and ale pie. However much I had consumed I don't think it would be possible to notice the ale, either from the flavour or from the risk of inebriation. Still reasonably nice all the same.

As I was in a hurry I did not have much time for an outdoor Blip. I did notice this young lady at the garden centre. I am afraid she is far too young to have made it to the Burrell Collection, which I visited a few days ago, though had she been a couple of hundred years old she might have had a chance of getting in. Maybe even now all she would need is a rather more weathered look.

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