By Incredibish

And we shall go no more a-sailing...

Today has mostly been brought to you by the colours Brilliant White Matt and something I am told is Timeless but which looks like pale grey... yes, the dining room has progressed quite well and the morrow will probably include another coat of emulsion and some glasswork.

So for a change of scene we nipped down to Pill and walked along the river bank. An historic and in parts pretty village, now very beneath the M5 river bridge with a white noise of vehicle traffic wherever you go. I wonder what it was like, small and isolated, before the motorway came.

The dingy clearly made it back to the wrong side of the river to die. If you go large you'll see quite a varied flotilla (although I don't know if flotilla is the right word for these mud-mired derelicts). Nonetheless, a charming walk which unkinked the back and stretched the legs.

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