A day in the life

By Shelling

Room with a view

All morning was used for meeting B to rehears for tomorrows concert in Kalmar at a gallery. This will be the last concert for some weeks, it will be nice be able to relax, keeping all the different music up to  concert level.

During my walk I had an urge to get a real lot of fresh air at the seaside in the lovely autumn weather. I'm so fortunate to have that possibility so close to where I live. The main blip is the generously sized loo, almost as big as the little hut where some summer lodger can spend some time. Usually there's a caravan parked next to the lodge for sleeping in. But the main house seems to be this loo where you probably spend some time with the door open, overlooking the Baltic sea. 
I just had to put in two extras, the first is a plant called "Trift" in Swedish, it looked lovely in the light of the setting sun. The second is yet another of my veranda views. I couldn't resist putting it in, it's taken around seven o'clock this morning and the light was absolutely stunning. It came out well in the foto too.
Hopefully I'll be more alert with my commenting soon.

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