A day in the life

By Shelling

Stay in line

When I went to bed, I realised I hadn't done my blip for the tThursday so here it is, posted in the morning of the Friday. I had a mixed day of rehearsing for another concert on Saturday, planning for an event next week where I will yet again function under the heading of sound technician, a title I'm not entitled too really since it takes four years of studies at a university to call yourself that with any right, but what I do is based on years of interest and experience and my task isn't that complicated, but fun.

During a walk with a good friend we passed a sheep pasture and notice the paths they made. Apparently their flock ancestry has proven that the best way of staying alive is to move as a unity. I don't know how many sheep are in the field, twenty perhaps, and their paths are about thirty cm wide. There doesn't seem to be anyone interested in making a path of their own, the grass is green on both sides of the path and there are only one or two paths leading in various directions. Coming to think of it, we do the same. When we enter a field or a forest, we tend to follow the path instead of making our own. 

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