By TonyG

Variations on a Theme

Today's weather here has been rather apocalyptic, variations on a very stormy theme as if to remind us how the climate can change our lives and that we must respect the world around us that drives it.

Another aspect of nature that fascinates me is the variability in plants and flowers.  Today's offering is a white variant of Iris unguicularis.  I showed a purple flowered seedling recently, that being the common colour for this winter flowering plant.   Winter in it's wild home being the most equable season when compared against the harsh drought and high temperatures of the long summer, it retains that flowering time in cultivation.   

A quiet day - apart from the raging storm whistling still as I write.   Ruth and I feeling better for a good night's sleep and long lie in, have done a little of this and that and spent a bit of time with Jamie this evening.   

The last day of continuous running for the Talyllyn means a quieter time ahead at work.   We are running at weekends until Christmas plus a daily service from boxing day until the fifth of January so you can plan your winter break now :-)

PS  Is anyone else finding that the facebook share link is not working as it did?

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