A day in the life

By Shelling

At the movies

Strange day today, no time measures seem to be right. I woke up at half past eight, thinking it was pretty light for that time of day, then I realised we just changed to "normal" time so the clock was actually half past eight instead, which felt weird too. I should have had a student at ten o'clock so at first I was a bit stressed when I saw it was already half past eight, then, all of a sudden I had an hour more to have breakfast in and then he text me saying he couldn't come, so I had all morning to fill. I chose to fill it with some book-keeping that I have neglected for some time in my being busy.

I knew from my calendar that I was working at the theatre at two o'clock so I had plenty of time to make a nice lunch and then had time to finish some things on the computer before leaving for work. Then my boss at the theatre texted me, asking where I was, I was supposed to have been at the theatre half an hour ago. I realised I had, for once, made a mistake in my calendar. I have to be at work an hour before the show in order to get things ready before the audience arrives and normally, if the show starts at two I write I have to be there for one. This time, apparently, I hadn't done that. So. my peace and calm mood suddenly changed into something else and I have to admit I didn't quite follow the speed limits in all places on my way to the theatre, where 200 kids were waiting for me to open the doors. Well, it wasn't that bad, my colleagues had saved my back and done my part of the work for me.

The show today was for kids, the first film was for the really young ones, an animated film about a frog and a grasshopper that lasted half an hour. The second film was for the older kids, a film about what can happen in ur society when fear takes over and we forget how powerful we get when we solve problems together. The film was actually rather scary and dealt with questions on what happens if we help a dictator to power and he starts using fear to control people. The film was aimed at ten year olds but a lot of the kids were a lot younger so some were actually scared by the film.

I'll be going to bed very soon, to let this day slip into history. When I was adding my blip for today, I had a message saying I already had a blip for today. Somehow my blip for yesterday had been assigned to the 31st, I didn't even know you could do that. What a weird day. The times they are a-changing. 

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