Sproul View Down the Hill Into the Trees

It rained and poured for days. When the weather took a turn for the better on Monday, my husband and I got in the car and went for a drive to Sproul State Forest. He wanted to go for a jog, so he did that, while T. Tiger and I went for a walk down to an abandoned cabin and spring that we know.

We found that the trees have grown up inside the foundation taller than ever, and the cabin in more disrepair than ever, its bricks and stones all in fallen piles now. The spring, I am sorry to say, has had branches and things fall on it.

What used to be a bridge is now a couple of rotten boards. It is all covered in leaves. I used to keep that spring pretty clean back in the days when we went there often, but I didn't have time on this day. Next time I go there, I'll give it a thorough spring cleaning, so that it burbles along merrily once again.

Then we regrouped and made a short drive over to what serves as our winter sledding hill. We hiked up it and part of the way down it, and we sat and looked at the foliage colors which were quite lovely when the sun hit them.

There used to be an abandoned car down in those trees to the left, but when they messed with the tree line and widened it a few years back, they somehow removed that old car. I'm sure they had their reasons but I'm sorry to miss a favorite photo op; let me include a picture of it here so we can remember.

This picture of a colorful view down the hill reminded me of Joseph's coat from the Bible. So here is Dolly to sing it for us: the Coat of Many Colors. This song is dedicated to all of us little children who grew up in a house with lots of kids, and more love than money.  <3

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