A day in the life

By Shelling


Today I had my second sound technician job at the theatre. It was such a contrast to last weeks too-loud-concert-experience-with-added-digital-problems concert. The band was plying music by a fairly well known Swedish singer songwriter who died in 2020. Several in memoriam concerts has been played and/or streamed all over Sweden and in media since then. This band has specialised on their own arrangement of his music and they did very fine interpretations I think. Our common goal was to present the concert as accoustically as possible though the speaker system, it was fun and sounded very good. Everyone was happy, the band, the audience and myself. A brilliant personal revenge from last week. 

After doing all the after-work I went to Kalmar Cathedral where my old friends P&U did a baroque music program. I arrived when five minutes of their last piece remained and had another lovely sound experience. Their band was fairly large, with extra singers and musicians but totally accoustically performed in the vast space of the Cathedral. Yet another contrasting experience.

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