The dress!

At last it is complete and ready to put in the wardrobe. I'm quite happy with the way it's turned out. I'm now deciding on my next project. 
A lovely afternoon at matting today. I took an apple cake for us to share with a cuppa, an alternative to our normal biscuits. It was well received and I didn't have to carry any home!
While I was there I received a text message to book my booster jab. I did that when I got home and I'm going next Tuesday and combining it with lunch out with Val and Ruth....any excuse for a "ladies who lunch" outing! I'm pleased to be getting it done before I go away in a couple of weeks. Plenty of time to get over any after effects, though I'm hoping I'll not have any, as I was lucky to escape any ill effects after the other two.
The mum and young calf were still in the field this morning. The calf has been frolicking about today and it seems quite sad that it doesn't have any friends to play with! Mum is very attentive and is keeping a close eye on it.
Having finished my granddaughter's sweater I am now back on the cardigan I'm knitting for myself. The one side knitted up well but somehow I keep making errors on the second side and unpicked it for the third time tonight, very annoying! Hopefully 4th time lucky. Despite that frustration it's been a good day. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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