From Russia with Love

Allington the Bewick's Swan arrived on the wing and probably a prayer into Slimbridge WWT on Sunday. A three year old male who normally arrives with his parents but is on his own this year.

Two others have arrived today but I knew I had the correct swan because of the markings on his bill. All the Bewick's have different bill markings.

My day started as all days do with me getting dressed. Unsurprising at this point as it was a tad chilly, not the height of summer and pretty normal. We have a wasps nest still in the roof and the wasps are dropping through the ceiling lights. Dim light and no glasses on I put on my bra (sorry if this is too much information here) and felt a slight scratch but I wasn't too worried as I'm always crawling through thistles and nettles but on inspection right underneath...saw a huge wasp. Yes I got it out and yes I did get stung. Hubs I feel didn't take this as seriously as he should with his flippant comments but I did send order him down to the car as he WAS dressed to get the bite spray. More flippant comments/jokes - you can imagine. I'll live to tell the tale or even have lived to tell the tale!

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