Carolina's journal

By Carolina


One of the few times I've seen cotton fields since I was a child driving through Bakersfield, CA.   These fields have already been harvested but there are still quite a lot of cotton left over by my eyes.     I thought I would share a few photos with you. 
    This is my entry for the Abstract Thursday challenge which is open as it's the 1st Thurs. of the month.   Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.   
   A tough day at my daughter's house as she and her hubby are sick with a cold and her daughter came home with a concussion after slamming into the monkey bars at school!   I sure hope the rest of the day goes a whole lot better!!   I delivered the youngest to school then went by these fields that are close to the house. Joe and I are doing good!!  
   The original is in the extras. 
   Thanks for stopping by and will get to journals as I can.   Thanks also for the great comments, stars and any hearts.   

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