Snow Bunting #100

This weekend it is high tide so I wanted to take at least one trip over to Parkgate to search for owls and raptors. On checking the weather, it seemed like today was going to be the better day as rain and strong winds are forecast for tomorrow. 
However, I wasn't quite prepared for the closed roads that we encountered a couple of weeks ago to still be in place. There are some diversion signs from Neston in place but they end at the top of Boathouse Lane which is also closed! 
In the end I gave up and went on towards Hoylake instead and watch the high tide from there instead, which, despite the mizzley weather and crappy light was probably a better bet. There were hundreds of birds there - tons of oystercatchers and knot(in extras), lots of gulls, a few redshank, grey plovers and sanderling and possibly some others thrown in for good measure. 
I spent an hour or so until I got cold and retreated to the car for a warm and decided what to do next. I'd seen on FB that there had been a snow bunting seen at Meols on the embankment, which is only at the other end of the parade at Hoylake so headed over there, not really expecting to find it. But my luck was in - as I reached the embankment I passed a guy who saw my binoculars and camera and told me the couple ahead of me were photographing the snow bunting. I've never seen one before so was thrilled at the prospect of being able to see and photograph it, but as I approached the couple had got way too close and it flew off, and all I saw was a little white rump. They stomped off ahead of me and I was distraught and VERY grumpy indeed. It's a good job they were walking quickly ahead of me, or they would have found out how miffed I was! 
I ambled along the sea wall towards the rocks about half a mile ahead where we have seen a few birds before. Just before I got there I saw the snow bunting feeding on some seeds. Yay, it had come back to greet me after seeing how upset I was ; )
I was able to take a few shots before it flew off again, but the smile on my face is still there. I wanted something special to mark my 100th different bird blip this year and thought it might be an owl or egret from Parkgate this weekend, but this is even better in my opinion. 

And just to round the morning off a huge flock of redshank and 7 little white egrets flew onto the rocks I was heading for, so a thoroughly successful walk.

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