That time of year!

Soggy pitches make for muddy footie kit!

Leo had a county cup game this morning and it was rather nice to watch it in lovely sunshine.  We thought we were playing on one of the youth pitches so we all squelched over there and then at the last minute they said we could play on the well dredged main pitch, so we squelched our way back there and then enjoyed better ground underfoot for playing and spectating.

It was an 8-1 win for Cully so the lads were very happy. Parents were less happy as staying in the Cup means more Sunday cup matches as well as Saturday league games!

There was drama in the last few minutes.  One of the opposition had been getting worked up all match as goal after goal went in.  He began swearing and handing out rough treatment.  The Ref had words to try and calm home down. But just as we were about to score another goal he barged our player over so we were awarded a penalty. As we were taking the penalty he tried to disrupt it and also swore at the taker so the Ref gave him a yellow card and a talking to.  So then he called the Ref a ‘ginger c***’ and told him he would sort him out in the car park later!  So the Ref then red carded him for abusive language and failure to respect the Ref and eventually he left the pitch!  His mum gave him a real dressing down.  She will no doubt have to fork out the £50 fine that will go along with his 3 match ban.

We have never been in a match with anything like that before.  I guess they are getting older now - this is the U15 league - but the ref said he never gets that degree of abuse when he refs adult games!

After those fun and games we headed home to watch some footie on the TV.  It has been an interesting time for results with lots of the Premier League top teams dropping points recently. Liverpool were the latest in the pattern, with their 3-2 loss to West Ham.  I like Jurgen Klopp, but his post match interviews after a loss are always predictably testy as he sounds off against situations he thinks were unfair.  

I got some more crochet time in as I watched the footie and then later watched a few episodes of Madame Blanc Mysteries thanks to a recommendation from edisteve  I rather enjoyed its cosy crime vibe.

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