By dunkyc

Bolton Whites

I was up early anyway, but was snapped to my senses whilst pottering about in the kitchen when unbeknownst to me The Eldest had slipped into the house and ghosted through the back room to say ‘good morning’, which unfortunately resulted in a loud, blasphemous exhortation from me as I fought to avoid soiling my nice clean and fresh-on under garments. 

Having a mild coronary first thing in the morning really does get the grey matter going.

Couple of calls sorted and then a meeting at the catchily-titled; University of Bolton Stadium (pictured here). To me and doubtless many others in the North West, it will always be the The Reebok. We had some business blah-blah to sort and then it was on to celebrate my work wife’s birthday and some good natter over lunch. She’s a good ‘un and it was nice to see another colleague in the flesh who I hadn’t seen in a long time. It really had been a long time as he revealed that he and his wife would soon be interviewing to be foster carers! Full of admiration for anyone willing to do that and will be keeping everything crossed that the panel approves them.

The remainder of the afternoon flew by and I was soon picking up the wee ones to shove some pizza down them before the back and forth relay of Beavers and Cubs. Particularly proud to see m’boy invested as a Cub this evening and he was as pleased as punch to receive his necker and blue woggle.

Almost as pleased as I was to find a forgotten Lindt caramel & nuts chocolate bar lurking in the fridge.

Heart rate just about restored to normal. 

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