By dunkyc

Three for three

Some days everything just slots into place, doesn’t it?

I had another good night’s sleep, nice brew in bed and quality time with Empire magazine, before getting the gear on and heading out for a cheeky 5k which I’ve not done in a little while. Despite this, I managed to bring it in at just under half an hour, which I was pretty chuffed with given my advanced years.

Shopping was sorted before a nice walk around town in good company and then home in time for a nap, a pretty disappointing Tom Hanks film (Finch - well acted and clever effects, but a bit dull) and then coming to to watch West Ham achieve a famous 3-2 victory over Liverpool. The sweetener being that we’ve leap frogged them into third place. Dreamland.

Oh, and because it was a little cooler and I’ve been meaning to start bring some logs in for the fire, I had the fire lit too. 

Happy and cosy? Who am I?

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