Mono Monday: Week 407 ....

... negative space.

Richard was able to finish up work a little early today so that we could get out for a walk before supper.  With the time changing back to Eastern Standard Time this past weekend our days of walking after supper are done for this year.  The light is so different this time of year.

Since Housenick Memorial Park is a stone's throw away that's where we ended up.  At this park is a large field where lots of milkweed grows during the summer.  But at this time of year all the milkweed seed heads are exploding everywhere!  We went down in to the field as I had hoped to photograph some of the milkweed but I also took some pictures of some of the grass seed heads ... like the above and the one in the extras.  I actually like the extra better than the main but the main photo adheres more to the 'negative space' theme. 

Thanks to Carolina (Carolyn) for hosting Mono Monday again this month.  

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