Tiny Tuesday ...

... not on theme!  Sorry davidc!

It's hard to believe but we still have a couple of black swallowtail caterpillars munching away on the parsley.  We have the enclosure in the spare bedroom as it's been too cold to keep them outside right now.  Richard moved them out to the sun for me today so that I can get some pictures for TT.  It shouldn't be long now before they pupate for the winter.  Sadly, we don't have as many swallowtail chrysalids to overwinter as we did last year.  There just wasn't as many of them this year for us to raise.  But releasing them in the spring once they emerge will be something to look forward to these long cold months. 

Thanks to davidc for hosting all this month.  I know this isn't the optional theme you set for this week but I'm sure these cats will have pupated by next Tuesday.   Please view in the gallery for maximum impact!

While outside photographing these beauties I saw a red-banded leafhopper in the cabbage ... please see Extra photo.  

If you are at all interested ... I've backblipped the past few days.  Starting with a not-so-silly Saturday.

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