Wild Wednesday ...

... fun day.

For the most part it was a stay at home day for me.  I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine by sitting outside for a while.  I had an appointment in the afternoon and then R and I got out for a walk at Housenick Memorial Park before supper.  With the time change this past weekend the sun has set by the time we have had supper so afternoon walks are in order.

I was surprised to see so much wildlife out today ... especially insects.  My collage shows only some of the varieties we saw today.   

You are probably wondering about that bright yellow VW Beetle!  We have the pleasure of living in the same city that Marshmallow Peeps are manufactured and this yellow Peeps-mobile is often seen around town!  Fun!

It's a little hard to see it but in the middle right photo is an autumn meadowhawk that I saw in the backyard this afternoon.  He/she blends right into the red leaves!  

Thanks to Cailleach for keeping Wednesday's wild!  Sorry for the backblipped post.  Backblipped: November 12. 

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