Capital adventures

By marchmont


So here we are, halfway through the week again.  I had a bad night's non-sleep and after wakefulness woke up for the new day at 7.10.  I swithered about swimming but went and as usual was glad I had.

Home for a wee bit work and then off to the Lyceum.  A good morning, lots of fin and laughter and 4 of us doing improv to 'Tragedy'.  Sometimes we surprise ourselves.  The excitement on the way in was the tree surgeons in St Patrick Square lowering the branches on the tree outside the Baptist Church.  They were still at it when I passed again on the way home.

This afternoon I did a smidgeon of gardening, more needs to be doen at the weekend and then to Halfords t9 spend my £20 voucher (bike oil and pump), Sainsburys and finally the Garden Centre.  Apart from plants I also got Christmas wrapping paper (much prettier than the selection in Sainsburys and rock salt for the drive. 

When I came out the sky over Caerketton and the Ski Slope was on fire.  I didn't realise there were power lines too until I got home but it was still a stunning sky.

Choir tonight and then 'Shetland'.  And that's half way through the week done!

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