Capital adventures

By marchmont


A day off, well almost. No swimming but doing quite a few things I wanted/needed to do. And the weather was better too. The fog had gone and it was mild.

I walked to Cameron Toll before lunch. Funny I've never done this before but it was a fine day. Bumped into F and A. Haven't seen them for over a year though they live over the back, 2 mins from me. Like me their children and grandchildren are overseas, Australia and NZ. Stopped to look at the burn. Again you wouldn't know you were in a city. We are so lucky.

Collected my glasses but took the bus back. I had time before this afternoon's meeting to feed the lawn and the birds (or squirrels) then put the rest of the outside furniture to bed.

The meeting went well as did my evening mentoring session. And there was news of last Thursday's interview, not me, someone more experienced.

Now I'm watching more 'Peur sur le Lac'. The storyline, how to contain a virus, released deliberately. Shown in January. Much mask wearing and stringent PPE, oh and they just think they've found a vaccine, antibodies targeting bits of the virus. They never thought how prescient it would be.

F2F - 5
Phone calls - 1
Virtual - 2

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