Abstract Thursday

The challenge today is “getting closer”. I’m interpreting this to suit my blip, I don’t think it what was intended exactly. Well Christmas is getting closer and each year I send cards. The Post Office has a scheme where you can order your personalised Christmas stamps. My photo was taken in Queensland in June on K’jari ( Fraser Island). So here are my ‘one of a kind’ stamps (there are more than one but you know what I mean). If anyone wants one they will have to send me a card first with a return address. LOL

Rainy weather here but before it started I did the garden edges. Who needs a gym if you have a garden. Boy did I work hard. Bob was busy on the roof installing a disk for a Starlink internet connection. I was worried about him up high. Men of his age should stay on the ground.

We had Rememberance Day memorials at 11am. I’m sure there will be lots of poppy blips on Blipfoto today.

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